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Our pet food processing project was built at Qingdao Kangda Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. No.2 refrigeration factory ( CIQ Registration Number: 3700/PF020) in 2005.we take the advantages of the kangda’s chicken, rabbit, duck and seafood raw materials and through our 20 years of professional experience in food processing. Now our annual output about have 2500 tons and we have 5 product series which include chicken, rabbit, duck, seafood and nutrition function series.
We registered the name of “Naughtyvie”、“kangguaiguai”as our brand do the market promotions. Our company has perfect quality control system and advanced R&D and testing conditions; ensures our each product could keep your pet health, nutrition and safety.
The Development positioning of Kangda Pet Foods
1.核心产品定位 The positioning of Core products:
宠物零食的生产专家 Expert to produce snack foods for pets.
2. 质量发展定位 The positioning of Quality Development:
Health, Nutrition, Safety
3. 客户开发定位 The positioning of Customer exploiting
Coexistence, Bi-win, Mutual development
4. 品控发展定位 The positioning of Quality Assurance
Controlling raw materials, Supervising production processing, Testing finished products, Care feedback
5. 核心竞争优势定位 The positioning of the core competitive advantage
高追溯性 Effective traceability
6. 规模发展定位 The positioning of the scale development
The proper scale expanding oriented by the core customers requirements(Weifang Factory)
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