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Creating Healthy Life

“ Quality is the survial basis ”

We started the pet food processing since 2005. Depending on our 20 years of human food processing experiences, we have been accumulated more than 11 years’ valuable experience for pet food processing.

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Creating Healthy Life

Abiding by the principle of ‘quality is the survival basis’, Kangda is willing to coexist and win-win develop with the clients from all over the world.


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The two major raw materials of Kangda Food, which integrate breeding, breeding, feed and slaughter, kangda Kaijia broiler industry (annual slaughter capacity is 30 million) and Kangda meat rabbit industry (annual slaughter capacity is 12 million)......



Breeding breeds include Cobb and Arbor Acres.There are 30 incubators in the incubator, which can produce 30 million healthy chicks annually.The company has advanced breeding and hatching equipment, strict epidemic prevention measures, and high-standard chicken coop, which has laid a solid foundation for excellent breeding eggs and high-quality chickens.

Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

It implements the breeding mode of "company + self-rearing" and "company + contract", implements the "five unification" management mode of unified supply of young, unified supply of materials, unified supply of medicine, unified breeding management, unified recovery, slaughtering and processing, realizes the complete self-control and traceability management from the breeding source to the end product, and ensures the food safety of broilers.



The introduction of Swiss Buhler complete set of feed equipment, with 3 production lines, mainly to produce compound feed, concentrated feed, feed formula draw on the European advanced technology, combined with the characteristics of domestic breeding, at the same time according to the local raw materials for scientific design and reasonable collocation, make nutrition more comprehensive, more safe products.



The annual slaughter volume is 30 million, and the annual processing capacity of quick-frozen prepared food is 30,000 tons.It has passed the certification of ISO22000, BRC, ISO9000 and other systems, and is one of the first 35 hot processing factories exporting poultry meat to Japan.With the mission of "creating healthy life", the company constantly brings customers healthy and sunny life enjoyment.

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